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or at least that was the plan considered by the national security agency according to new documents leaked by edward snowden and reported by glen greenwald and huffington post. the nsa spied on six muslims it deemed radicalizers in order to exploit personal weaknesses including online porn habits. one of the leaked documents
. there is no track work going on this weekend. new accusations involving the national security agency. country iswhich accused of allowing the u.s. to spy during a high-profile summit? plus, caught on hanrahan -- a hostage standoff and shootout. learn how long it lasted and how it ended. we also have newly released video showing the intensity of recent tornadoes in the midwest. locally, how low will the temperatures go ♪ black friday deals up in the store. ♪ ♪ getting presents and so much more. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ buy today, come back for more. ♪ ♪ save next time you shop in store. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ it's black friday ♪ we're shopping deals ♪ in little black dresses ♪ cute hair and heels. ♪ let's go! ♪ that's my kind of holiday. >> you are watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side erie >> a man was mooted in an officer involved shooting in frederick county, maryland. it happened last night on eb street in brunswick. it is unclear what led to the shooting but one man was taken to the hospital. his condition has no
any support is a former national security agency and the list tend to be capped with snow to ski in the display. it's on to the campaign in the run up to the reopening of the us congress in january. i'm good security surveillance practices have sped on activists and did not sin like to call a halt to what they see is new patient papacy. it's time to stop the nsa come from seizing in search of mine e mails my g mail blogging my telephone calls i never signed up for this. the us citizenry does not want this and i want the people who see the pups to know that her millions others were thinking the exact same thing meanwhile united nations committee has adopted a resolution to protect the rights to the seat external forces they dance it follows reports that the us eavesdrop on foreign leaders including those who still a gemini with the first time in the framework of the united nations. this resolution on a politically states. did the same rights that people have offline also be protected online with coordinate with sadness tinged ground to limit it to simon russia often leaking inform
we are now learning that the director of the national security agency keith alexander offer to resign as a result of those in and save me. according to a senior us official who spoke to the wall street journal what's the obama administration declined in the moment. a month ago the white house acknowledged that alexander will leave his post in march. and then a search for a replacement is currently under way. the us economy is still dealing with a considerable amount of pushback nationally and internationally in the wake of these weeks weeks which began in june and continue to stay. well a historic nuclear deal could change the trajectory of relations between the us and or wine the agreement was reached late saturday night planet despite predictions that nothing would come out of talks in geneva between iran and the p five plus one countries. an agreement was finally breached the deal will last six months as the country's discuss a permanent agreement that will allow iran to pursue a peaceful nuclear program without developing weapons take a look at what the short term deal in kl iran
and brazil. these leaders was spied on by the us national security agency. it'll be put to vote by the one hundred and ninety three member general assembly in december with radium prime minister tony abbott has called for a security roundtable with indonesia in a bid to rebuild ties with its asian neighbor relations between the two countries were shaken by a route over alleged spying by camera. i'd like to see in the future is somewhat of a security round title. whale we out. more i've been with each other. will we build even strong relationships of trust why one must write it to be indonesia's trusted partner. it just is. are you warm. in the nation to the al trusted pot. the south korean pa ministry has denied that have helped the us and the stride yet tapped phones in asia along with singapore the controversy erupted on the story this week in the sydney morning herald the newspaper reported on in uni published a top secret documents leaked by former us intelligence and facts to bed with sudden about tapping on the same telecommunications links across asia. south korea's foreign ministry
're watching our tea. we begin to date with new revelations regarding the national security agency according to secret documents obtained by the huffington post through adverts not in this they participated in tracking the on line sexual activity if people the agency considered to be pope radicalized or is not part of the proposed plan to target six different muslims thought to have been influencing the opinions of others in carrying out theurveillance the agency was hoping to harm your reputation and undermine their credibility as muslim leaders in the community the documents reveal that the nsa was monitoring those who were viewing sexually explicit material on line and using sexually explicit persuades the persuasive language when communicating with inexperienced young girls. here's what the adult film performer on his knee had to say about the tactic trying to discredit someone for watching korean. it makes me wonder why that person is doing or what our government is doing. the document does not excuse any of the six individuals of being involved in terror plots of the agency said it bel
the guardian the us national security agency has been collecting details about the online sexual activity of prominent islamist radicals in order to undermine them the latest revelation comes courtesy of a document leaked by edward snowed in a recently published by the huffington post the americans buying agency targeted at six so called radicalized it's none of whom is alleged to have been involved in any terror plots the leaked document alleges that it's their choreography and it's where exposed it could lead to a loss of authority when their devotion to the strict tenets of islam are called into question critics fear however that the new regulations mean that the nsa could use the technique against anyone not just radical islamists genteel jap for the deputy legal director of the american civil liberties union says people should be concerned about how the dad that the nsa collects on virtually all us citizens will be used even though the nsa says this personal information will be of use but these documents show that the nsa probably defined to be is very narrowly. anyone house foundati
. look at the national security agency and others, there's a fear out there that anything on-line is no longer private or secret. but i do believe the people are kind of looking for new and modern ways to vote, particularly young people who are used to these new technologies. >> i'll speak as someone who's run quite high visibility recounts that the citizens want to be able to see the paper and count alongside or on top of me and my fellow workers. we don't believe we'll be smarter than the hackers. i was surprised by "usa today" question. but that question for support for internet-based voting, very strong opposition. people have watched the world unfold and said, you know, the hackers are going to be smarter than us or the government for as long as we can see to the future. and when the election is close, you want to be part of that ballot and that requires having that paper record somehow. >> i would say the voters must trust the elections. a percentage of voters will not trust that system. therefore you will undermind confidence in the elections. i don't believe it would
in yemen. officials have met. >>> the head of the national security agency general keith alexander reportedly offered to resign in the wake of the edward snowden affair. "wall street journal" says xamp alexander made the offer but that was rejected by the obama administration. the revelation comes nearly a month after it was announced alexander would be leaving the nsa in march. >>> at long last talks aimed at ending syria's civil war appear to be moving forward. the first direct negotiations between bashar al assad's government and syrian rebels set to begin january 22 in geneva. still very tough conditions there on the ground for the civilians. >>> defense of the international nuclear deal for iran. president obama responding to critics in a speech in san francisco including those who called the agreement a mistake. the president said it is easy to make political declarations but doesn't make the world safer and he insisted the nuclear deal is progress. >> this will help iran from building a nuclear weapon and over the coming months, we are going to continue our diplomacy with th
, that does not include the cost to any of our intelligence agencies like the cia, and national security agency. why? because their budgets are, classified. >> with so much ease of transmission of data these days, to be a devil's advocate shouldn't the government be more careful than ever about the information it keeps classified? >> oh, for sure. there was a terrific article by a guy who used to run the journal, making the case that amid all of the criticism they are getting when one looks at their internal manuals with how one should deal with snooping, one could make the argument that they have become way too nervous. the problem is the substance of what you end up maintaining and the ultimate problem is there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of million of paper documents left over from decades and decades ago that we haven't been able to get to. and now there's this exponential growth the result of the digital age. george w. bush opened up in the library, there are 200 million emails. a friend of mine guesses when the obama administration is over, there will be abo
. microsoft is ramping up efforts to encrypt the internet traffic on fears the national security agency may have broken into the global communications link. the "washington post" says google, yahoo and facebook are working against government surveillance and as for trading, futures are higher here today and it is a quiet trading overnight. did you get a nice price on a turkey? retailers selling turkeys for as low as 59 cents a pound because of a surplus of frozen turkeys and willingness by the greeceers to discountry turkeys to get people to buy the turkey and buy other stuff. some retailers saying "no" to being open on thanksgiving. nordstrom will not deck the halls until black friday because they like celebrating the holidays one at a time. ace hardware says some things are more important than money. a new survey by retailers say one in four consumers will spend at left half of their work day shopping online on cyber monday. nine in ten plan to do at least some shopping for gifts during work on cyber monday. from the new york stock exchange, this is bloomberg news. >> thanks. now a new st
. >> new leaks from edward snowden showed the national security agency has gathered records on the online sexual a vivid he a muslim targets in a bid to discredit them. reports thepost" nsa has identified at least six muslim leaders whose speeches have the potential to radicalize their audiences with "extremist message." none are accused of involvement in terror plots. the nsa has apparently collected evidence of their online activity including visits to pornography sites in a bid to undermine the credibility or intimidate them into silence. it is not clear if the nsa carried out any of its plans. microsoft is reportedly developing a new project to encrypt its online traffic over fears of nsa surveillance. the washington post reports microsoft is expanding its encryption based on concerns the nsa has broken into its global communications links. it emerged last month the nsa has tapped into the private networks of microsoft rivals google and yahoo! united nations panel has affirmed rights against unwarranted government surveillance. germany and brazil drafted the measure after edward snowd
to consider national security interest. and charged the heads of federal departments and agencies to establish effective programs to ensure that employee hiring and retention is clearly consistent with the interests of national security. it requires a position to be designated as sensitive if the occupant of the position could diverge of the nature of position bring about a material adverse effect on national security. executive order which was issued in 1995 establishes a uniform federal personnel security program for individuals who have access to classified information which only may be granted on the basis of a demonstrated for siebel needs for that access. 12968 also makes agency has responsible for establishing and maintaining an effective program to ensure the eligibility for access to classified information is clearly consistent for the interest of national security. the existing designation system requires revision to a line with other recently updated aspects of the clearance reform effort such as the revised federal investigators standard signed in december 2012, and to ensure a com
says the u.s. is continuing to blow it on privacy matters. he said the national security agency is fumbling its digital surveillance operations and urged the government to be more transparent. u.s. surveillance programs are firing up foreign leaders and creating domestic skeptics. >> today workers delivered the u.s. capitol christmas tree. an 88-foot spruce from coalville national forest. it will be decorated with 5,000 ornmentes. and those are the things we thought you should know. time for gut check. most of us are used to seeing styrofoam containers when you're getting food to go from a restaurant or street vendor. but they could be banned from restaurants in new york city. today the city council is holding a hearing on several proposals to get rid of styrofoam containers and restaurants and fueling the movement is a measure backed by mayor bloomberg that would ban styrofoam containers with exception to raw need. for determining if the styrofoam items can be recycled first. critics are still railing against the idea as another example of what they call the nanny state after h
to avert terrorism it seems. or at least that was the plan considered by the national security agency according to new documents leaked by edward snowden and reported by glen greenwald and huffington post. the nsa spied on six muslims it deemed radicalizers in order to exploit personal weaknesses including online porn habits. one of the leaked documents states "radicalizers aper pear be -- in response, a spokesperson for the nsa, national intelligence, told the huffington post it should be not, it should not be surprising that the u.s. government uses all of the lawful tools at our disposal to impede the efforts of valid terrorist targets who seek to harm the nation and radicalize others to violence. joining me now for an exclusive interview, glen greenwald. coming to us on a connectionen south america. i'm in los angeles. all going through new york. i think we can expect a little delay between the two of us here. glen, what, what, what are the key elements of this story that you think we should know? >> first of all that the -- none of the people who have been targeted are kiddconsid
. >> finally, i want to talk to you about your old place of work, the national security agency, top administration officials are now talking about splitting off control of the cyberwarfare command, which is now controlled jointly by the head of the nsa, to make the two separate jobs because they say to give them both to the nsa director gives too much power to one man. what do you think of that idea? >> i think the idea is good, but not for the reasons the administration has put forward. this is not about the concentration of power. this is about the overburdening of responsibility. i was a director of nsa. i thought it was a full time day work. [ male announcer ] 'tis the season of more. more shopping. more dining out. more traveling. and along with it, more identity theft. every time you pull out your credit card, shop online, or hit the road, you give thieves a chance to ruin your holiday. you can't be on the lookout 24/7. but lifelock can. protecting your identity, your bank accounts, even the equity in your home. when lifelock detects a threat to your identity within their netw
, the national security agency, top administration officials are now talking about splitting off control of the cyber warfare command, which is now controlled jointly by the head of the nsa, to make those two separate jobs because they say to give them both to the nsa director gives too much power to one man. what do you think of that idea? >> i actually think the idea is good, but not for the reasons the administration has put forward. this is not about the concentration of power. this is about the overburdening of responsibility. i was the director of nsa. i thought it was actually a full-time day work. i don't know you can be the drmsa , as we called him, and a four-star combatant commander. so again, it's not about the overconcentration of power. it's just that the responsibilities have grown too great. >> and intelligence officials are now talking about their real concern that nsa leaker edward snowden may have put together something that's been called a doomsday cache of top secret documents, much more damaging than anything he's released so far, and that they will be released if a
at the national security agency. they went after him for doing exactly what they said edward snowden should've done in snowden that and he watch what they did to build mini. they raided his home while it's in the shower and they tried to destroy him. these are the people we targeted at the same time donald rumsfeld and josÉ rodriguez who ran the program are in it up to her. that says a lot to me about the priorities of our society and the stories i try to tell in "dirty wars" are the stories of the people caught in middle of the war but also the men and women tasked by the president united of united states with hunting down the who have been declared enemies of america. and also telling the story of the movements like al-shabaab in somalia or al qaeda in the arabian peninsula who actually benefit from the perception that the u.s. is a gratuitous enemy and uses drones with impunity and will assassinate its own citizens even though they haven't been charged with a crime, away from any kind of declared battlefield. unless you believe in these bizarre interpretations of the original authorizat
to establish the organization as early as possible to protect our national security. treat the prime minister is cassie's key national different species with a cabinet members of the security council. but goals national crisis management meeting. also ministries and agencies reporting information individually to the prime minister or the chief cabinet secretary. the battle for souls want to make the system more efficient. an expert who helped set up the anc says the country. he's a nice addition according to our seas and goodbyes i e the fight to stop it. will it do the dishes campaign to prevent the front of us old guys occasions by sitting up in nc. this means they can act quickly to the list of must sees the rezoning and less damage. the camino kills hope to launch the council by december poll. they will come up to the nice people. anna has struggled with how to remember the march eleven tragedy. now the government has finally picked its first monument. it was the the northeastern city preserve the hotel destroyed in the disaster the reconstruction agency has chosen title concorde hotel in
at the white house this morning. >>> more fallout this morning surrounding the national security agency's surveillance program. canadian authorities reportedly allowed the u.s. agency to run a spying operation during the g-8 and g-20 summits in ontario in 2010. that's according to cbc news. it cites documents leaked by former u.s. government analyst edward snowden. the documents don't mention specific targets of the spying effort but say plans were closely coordinated with canada. >>> an investigation is under way after a deadly crane collapsed in sao paolo, brazil, at the site of next year's world cup soccer match. at least two people were killed when the crane collapsed on top of the metal structure. that stadium is scheduled to host the opening match of the world cup and five other games including a semifinal. crews there are scrambling to finish six stadiums in the country by the end of this year. >>> over the river and through the woods hasn't been so easy for millions of americans this year. take a look at the heavily traveled 405 freeway. look at the lights in los angeles. that's
for the national security agency. he previously served as the department justice as an associate deputy attorney general and was responsible for supervising and according national security and criminal matters. he also was the acting attorney general to doj's national security division during the presidential transition. so mr. olsen brings to our discussion today and knowledge not just from the perspective of being general counsel of the nsa, but also having been somebody who had argued cases before the foreign intelligence surveillance court. so he is the mother was not just the contours of fisa but how it actually works in practice. from 1994-2006, mr. also was a federal prosecutor in the u.s. attorney's office for the dish at the columbia. .. testified before congress on many issues including access to information, and encryption policy, consumer protection, computer security and communication privacy. he is one of the most prominent advocates both in the united states and overseas. on matters that involve technology and privacy. he served on several national and international panels includi
match. workers are scrambling. canadian authorities allowed national security agency to run a spying operation inside the country. they report the spying happened in 2010 and the authoritior edward snowden and did not mention specific targets. the mayor from australia told justin bieber to clean up his mess. the 19-year-old singer painted graffiti on the walls of the hotel and pest posted it online. they said they gave bieber the go ahead and said the local government has no authority to get rid of it because it's on private property. everyone has better things to do. anyway, americans across the country will be sitting down for thanksgiving with their families and three of the most interesting tables to listen in on would be the clintons, the bushes and the cheneys. wouldn't we love to be a fly on the wall? will there be big announcements or an old fashioned family fight? joining me now is pennsylvania governor ed rendell and republican strategist and msnbc contributor who i haven't seen for quite a while. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> governor
with the united nations security council and the international atomic. agency requirements? >> over the last year and a half 0 or so since we started enforcing the most crippling sangs we've put on iran, they're somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 billion in frozen reserves. access that is -- funds that are being denied to the iranian government based on their oil sales and being cut off from the global financial system. you're talking about significant amounts of revenue they're denied on an annual basis. so the $6 billion or $7 billion is a fraction that have $100 billion frozen around the world. because we'll be continuing to enforce those sanctions, that revenue that is frozen will continue to go up. i think that the relief should be seen in that perspective. it's also reversible relief. if they don't meet their end of the bargain, we turn it of 0 and the sanctions are back fully in place. >> one final quell. an american christian pastor has been held in detention by the iranians for a while, he's been sentenced to eight years in prison for questionable charges. there's a picture of this pa
as a deeply patriotic american, a career staffer at the national security agency. they went after him for doing exactly what they set edward snowden should not. he watched that and did what they watched to the nsa guy. they try to destroy him. these are the people targeted at the same time that donald rumsfeld and josÉ rodriguez to brand the program are on a book tour. that says a lot to me about the priorities in our society. the stories i try to tell him "dirty wars" are the people caught in the middle of the work, but also the men and women passed by the president of the united states is hunting down people who've been declared enemies of america and also telling the story of the movement like al-shabaab and amalia are al qaeda and the arabian tenants who benefit from the perception that u.s. is a gratuitous enemy and uses drones with impunity and will assassinate their church at the crime away from any declared battlefield. unless you believe in bizarre interpretations of the authorization for use of military force for justification for a war on the world. it's been 12 years 9/11
and the hobbyist sensitive information for purposes that have little to do with national security according to investigative reporter they beat the dough there are actually able to create these devices inside its servers. that's a whole new level of in visiting us. it's not just on the computers notes reading the servers of the new computers work through them and this is catching terrorists or even stopping terrorists is really about something else that terrorism is an excuse for having businesses buying. a lot of this night he continues he does it right to buy washington plans to campaign on theity's bus races putting across as very differe message is a meal with wine free speech advocacy marine corps on the to take a stand against america's notorious appliance operations and thanks the former c i a man breaks rising rome day the revelations and abuse pint have been flooding the media for months now and american and british officials are worried the blitz is yet to come another aside an avid on this timeless and cooled things they trying to find the sense that the classified documents said
weapons. the nation invited the international atomic agency to visit an unfinished reactor, the first time in two years inspectors have been allowed in. this is above and beyond the terms of the landmark nuclear deal world powers reached with iran. tonight, there's word an earthquake struck a town near the plant. there are no reports of damage. >>> there are warnings of violence if karzai doesn't sign a security agreement with the u.s. by the end of the year. his surprise refusal to sign the agreement confused world leaders and afghan leaders. it covers how troops will operate in afghanistan after 2014, working to train other groups and provide security. afghan security officials say they could have trouble fighting the taliban without american support. >>> three days away from the relaunch of the affordable care act website. the obama administration is expected to announce it will meet its saturday deadline of increasing the site's capacity. will be able to hand the visitors. it comes after a one year delay of the marketplace for small businesses to buy insurance for their
the security of the nation while addressing the challenges posed by digital currencies. the secret service will continue to conduct effective criminal investigations to keep america safe and prosperous. thank you for the opportunity to testify on this important topic, and i look forward to your questions. ..u for the opportunity to testify on this important topic and i look forward to your questions. >> mr. lowery, thank you so much. again, our thanks to each of you for your testimonies and preparation today. in anticipation of this hearing a week or two ago, i was trying to get my head around this subject. i asked my staff to talk to me about the early days of the internet. there were a number of concerns raised about how it might foster, facilitate illegal activities. but there are some who said there could be a lot of benefit here as well. i asked them if that was maybe annagy tha when you guys were in middle school, or before that, talk to us about some of your concerns that we have with the bad that make the criminal activity could flow through to the internet and at a time when we ne
's prime minister said he would not comment on matters related to national security. >> tonight a gun control maker is calling it quits. a state senator is resigning instead of facing a recall over her position on guns. she's the third state senator supporting gun control to step down instead of facing a recall. cliff schecter, the founder of liberatis is joining us. he was a consultant for the group mayors against illegal guns. enkoujment from the senator. >> i call it a principled move. you have two state senators go down in recall elections. you had the elections that are off year, they are off cycle. the nra pumps money to have the elections. few people somehow up, those that like to fondle their guns. for the senator to do that, knowing a democrat will come in and maintain the balance of having a one-vote majority means that the important gun-safety measures that were past will remain. >> what do you make of nra dark ticks, paying $5 for a ticket. are you surprised by the nra going this way. >> there's into account the nra can surprise me with. i'd say it shows how desperate they
agencies are going to play a larger role than the national security counsel. in the '70s you have, of course, two -- fundamentally three very strong national security advisers. you have henry kissinger -- [inaudible] kissinger in particular are very keen to leave their very well-thought out mark on u.s. foreign policy. >> host: kathleen at the state department. thank you for your time. >> guest: thank you for whenever we try to do humanitarian intervention, or punishment such as the possible war against syria. we go to the u.n. and so we are still a member, and i think that this declaration expects nations to pay heed to it. so i think that's the new order of the day, and ultimately our nation is going to recognize and extend these human rights, just like the world has abolished slavery and torture and piracy and genocide. simply because it's the right thing to do in a postcolonial age. >> native american self-determination, like what kind of level of self-determination to you like fever? out right straight independence or something like lesser model of like relationship with the
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